Rebecca Moyes, M.Ed., featured author

Social Skills

Visual Techniques for Developing Social Skills

Nominated for the ASA Literary Education Work of the Year!

Children with autism are visual learners and Rebecca uses this ability to teach social skills in unique and fun ways.     Instructors who use this book will be able to teach personal space, respect for others' belongings, eye contact and attending skills, avoiding inappropriate language and/or behavior, refraining from interrupting, and much more.

"These engaging and clear activities are fun and educational, an ideal way to teach social skills." Dr. Tony Atwood

Challenging Behaviors

Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms

Rebecca Moyes, a teacher, author, renowned lecturer, and mother of a child with Asperger's syndrome, helps walk any regular education or special education teacher through the process of setting up a sensory-friendly classroom in this easy-to-use book.     This is currently the only book that discusses the importance of data-driven strategies, and then helps teachers implement them!     Sensory integration disorder often presents as a behavioral problem, but must be addressed by studying its accompanying behaviors carefully and with data collection.     Rebecca is able to take the data and work out how to make any student's, (and teacher's!), life easier.

"Lot's of practical information that teachers can use to help children with sensory problems.     I wish my teachers had had this book when I was a child."    Dr. Temple Grandin

Challenging Behaviors

Addressing the Challenging Behavior of Children with High-Functioning Autism/Asperger's Syndrome

How can teachers and parents of children with autism and Asperger's syndrome address problem behaviors in an appropriate way that helps the student to learn new skills?     What do positive support plans look like?     This book provides possible explanations for common problem behaviors, a wealth of intervention techniques, environmental supports, and information on how to make informed decisions using data.     Students with autism learn the new skills they might need, as well as ways of making their behavior more acceptable.     This book is full of practical tips on how to tackle different kinds of challenging behaviors.

Social Goals

Incorporating Social Goals in the Classroom

Children with autism and Asperger's syndrome have difficulty with social skills.     This book offers a thorough description of those as well as IEP goals and lesson plans to address these vital skills.     A "must have" for those teaching social skills!     Proven examples that you will enable you to develop your own Social Skill lessons.

Executive Function Dysfunction

Executive Function Dysfunction

Concise and accessible, this plain English guide will help parents and educators to understand and support children with executive function difficulties at home and in the classroom.     Rebecca describes the cognitive processes that make up the executive functions, including attention, behavioral inhibition, theory of mind, organizational skills, time management, planning, decision-making, and self-talk.     Using real examples, she describes how difficulties in each of these areas may manifest, and offers practical hints, tips, and accommodations for supporting children both in and out of school.     Containing a wealth of helpful information as well as tried-and-tested strategies, this is the perfect primer for parents and educators of children with executive function difficulties.

Social Goals

I Need Help with School

Winner of an iParenting Media Award! As an educational advocate, Rebecca Moyes knows that many parents struggle with designing an individualized education program (IEP) that addresses the special needs of their child.     This book demystifies special education laws so parents can understand their legal rights as well as the rights of their child, including the development of 504 service agreements, getting the most out of IEP's, and more.     Written especially for those dealing with autism and Asperger's syndrome, this book also tackles important issues that will come up during your child's school years such as developing social skills, addressing challenging behaviors, encouraging self-esteem, and dealing with teasing and bullying.