Rebecca Moyes


Rebecca Moyes, M.Ed., is an internationally recognized speaker and author in the field of autism.     She served as Regional Coordinator for Pressley Ridge′s Autism Training and Consultation Program in Pittsburgh, PA.     She is best-known, because of her teaching background, for practical, easy-to-implement strategies that work in the inclusive classroom.

Rebecca is the author of five books.     Her first two books were published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.     "Incorporating Social Goals in the Classroom - A Guide for Teachers and Parents of Children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome" was published in 2001.     Her second book "Addressing the Challenging Behavior of Children with High Functioning Autism and Asperger's Syndrome in the Classroom", was published in 2002.     Her third book, published by Future Horizons Publishers, received the I-Parenting Media Award. It is titled: "I Need Help with School."     This book helps parents to write effective IEP's for their children. She has recently released a fourth book: "Building Sensory Friendly Classrooms" this past fall.     Her fifth book, published in 2012 by Future Horizons Publishers, is titled "Visual Strategies to Teach Social Skills" and was nominated for the ASA Literary Education Work of the year.     Her latest book, "Executive Function Dysfunction", provides practical information to assist students with motivation, organizational skills, attention and working memory.

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